What is Artisanal Ketchup?

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Ketchup is the most widely used condiment.  Yet most people limit their use of ketchup to only a few types of food.  Why?  It’s all about the flavor.  Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup is made to compliment, not overpower your food.  It has a rich tomato flavor and a perfect blend of the finest spices we can find.  Not just any spices, but the most aromatic and flavorful spices.  Just like you would use if you were cooking.  But we search many sources and hand pick only the best.  We blend all the spices ourselves, and taste every batch as it is made.

Our original creation is just called Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup.  It is artisanal because of the way we hand craft each batch from the finest ingredients.  The result is a ketchup that can be used on nearly any food.  We call it Food Friendly Flavor.  Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup can be used in a variety of ways.  You can spread it on a sandwich or use it as a dip on the side.

And because it has Food Friendly Flavor, Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup is a terrific cooking ingredient.  You can add it to most dishes and enrich the flavor with the tomato and spices.  We created additional flavors to give you more choices and variety.   Every ketchup we make was created because people use these flavors to compliment their meals or season their cooking.  Check out our very creative recipes.  They use the the flavors of Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup in really unique ways.  Better yet, create your own recipes and share them with us.

Each of our flavors are naturally made, with nothing artificial, and contain no preservatives.  All of our ketchups are low sodium and gluten free.

Try a couple of Fine Vines® Artisanal Ketchup flavors.  You will find more and more ways to use them every day.


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  1. Sarah Wood
    | Reply

    Hey, does your artisanal ketchup have garlic or onion? The label just says “spices.” I’ve been looking for a ketchup without those ingredients. Fingers crossed!

    • Bruce Steinberg
      | Reply

      Hi Sarah, none of our products contain garlic or onion. Thank you for your inquiry. Cheers! Bruce

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